Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thoughts on Blogging

I have been considering about the last 37 years of my life. I am starting to realize that the only thing I find of real value is my Faith, My Family and Memories.
While I have expressed my faith verbally I have not done well at writing it down. I would like to have closer family relationships and this blog might serve for that as well as I will most likely open the blog up for multipule family and friends (authors) to comment and record. I wanted a place to record pictures and discuss memories about my life. This morning we were reading in Acts 19 and discussing Ephesus and Pauls ministery there. How that auditoium was pack and I showed the kids a picture of that place and made it come to life for me if not for them. I had been there. I was amazed at all I had learned on that trip and others in the Land of Turkey. It all seems like a fairy tale to me know but if I dont record it. It will perish from the memory and my memory and make it seem as if it never was and never happened. Who knows maybe when I am old I will just beable to say read the blog.
I also ran accross a picture of my father pushing my Grandmother Crockett Christine (Olsen) Crockett infront of the stake center in preston the Sunday I was set appart for my Mission. I realized that picutre was also the last time I saw her in this life. Oh how I love that woman.....I miss her and many others that have passed away. How I love my Family. As I am writting this tears are in my eyes blocking a clear view of my computer screen.
I Just think it would be neat for us to publish things close to our hearts and memories and coment on them like we would if we were setting at family reunion. The difference is you could be involved in every conversation this way. May be that is what I will call a seperate blog Family Reunion for us to have virtual get togethers on memories and stories that need to be written for our familys to gain a knowledge that is quickly being lost. What strenght could our children gather from that. Maybe that is also in fulfillment of the scripture that the hearts of the children will turn to their fathers. What if there is no records then what? This will also create a share point for pictures and also for memories that become fire proof as long as the blog is up